Skin's Immunity

Mindfulness and Exercise; Your Daily Inner Skincare

At The Skin Care Clinic, it is not uncommon for us to see stress-related, inflammatory skin conditions such as acne and rosacea.  However, stress of all kinds contribute to ageing, causing you to look and feel older much earlier! This is something that only you can change, as there is no skincare … [Read more...] about Mindfulness and Exercise; Your Daily Inner Skincare

Skin Commandments

  1. I shall eat a better diet Did you know that medical professionals refer to your gut as your ‘second brain’?  Well this is because, just like the brain in our heads, the gut influences so many aspects of our health and in particular, our skin. This is where our Skin Commandments come … [Read more...] about Skin Commandments

A Healthy Immune System – for Body, Soul and Skin

  When our body is struggling with maintaining a healthy glow, we know it's time to give our body an extra boost. It is a time when building, supporting and maintaining a healthy immune system is the best way to naturally get rid of any nasty bugs or issues that have been lurking around for … [Read more...] about A Healthy Immune System – for Body, Soul and Skin

Free Radicals and Skin

What Are Free Radicals? They are the "baddies" in our skin because they cause our cells to become dysfunctional...which makes us age faster! Free radicals are minute chemical particles that are usually the result of an inflammatory chemical process – they are the leftover bits caused from … [Read more...] about Free Radicals and Skin

Vitamin D vs Sunlight Conundrum

If you are aware, or care about how to be healthy, you are likely to be a little confused about the Sun and, more relevantly, the UV rays which come from it. We are told to protect ourselves and our children from the potentially damaging Ultraviolet Light which the sun puts out and which is … [Read more...] about Vitamin D vs Sunlight Conundrum