Website Security

When purchasing from The Skin Care Clinic, your payment details are sent through a secure server using the latest 256-bit SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption technology. Rest assured, any credit card and sensitive financial information you provide The Skin Care Clinic website is fully secure.

SSL – is the leading security protocol on the Internet and is widely used by many companies in Australia and around the world. SSL does two primary things:

  1. Validates the identity of a Website
  2. Creates an encrypted connection for sending credit card and other personal data.

When paying by credit card and entering your credit card details, you will see the padlock icon at the top or bottom of your browser, indicating you are on a secure SSL connection and all of your financial information is therefore securely encrypted.

The Skin Care Clinic does not handle or see your credit card details throughout the entire shopping cart process. Your credit card information is sent directly to your bank or credit card provider. This is known as a PCI-DSS compliant solution, the safest and most efficient way of processing credit card information today.

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