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Aspect Minerals Makeup Review – Our Favourites!

Did you hear that Aspect has a new range on the market? It's the latest thing to compliment their already popular skin care routine - foundations! This Aspect Minerals Makeup review takes you through what we've experienced since having the range in-clinic. With no nasty ingredients, and the photo … [Read more...] about Aspect Minerals Makeup Review – Our Favourites!

Foundation Product Review

We've all taken great thought in our Foundation Product Review, and it really is personal. There are many types of foundation available, and their application and use are really designed towards different skin types and lifestyle. So, to begin with, what are these elusive foundation options? Check … [Read more...] about Foundation Product Review

Makeup Product Review – Beauty the Healthy Way

We have a very well stocked range of skin care, but how much do you know about our makeup ranges? We've been really picky about what we have on our website. We don't want you to go to the trouble of achieving healthy glowing skin, only to undo all your hard work with nasty ingredients. We've … [Read more...] about Makeup Product Review – Beauty the Healthy Way

Best Safe Tanning Options

Are you ready for sun kissed skin? The warm sun is making the beach and pool more appealing. It’s time to bring out your shorts, bathers and dresses… and your skin! Rather than harm your skin with excessive sun exposure though, consider the healthy and organic Safe Tanning Options instead. We’re … [Read more...] about Best Safe Tanning Options

Winter Makeup Essentials

Winter has only just begun, yet we’re almost certain you’ve noticed some changes in the texture, appearance and feel of your skin. Your showers are hotter, there’s heating on, you find you aren’t drinking as much water. All of a sudden, your previously glowing, hydrated skin is looking a little … [Read more...] about Winter Makeup Essentials

Pore Minimising Makeup Tips

Unfortunately, there’s no miracle cure to refining damaged pores overnight. There are a few pore minimising steps you can take though, to ‘hide’ them using makeup. Just like great hair days, we also have great makeup days. Your foundation glides on smoothly, doesn’t look dull or tired, and feels … [Read more...] about Pore Minimising Makeup Tips

5 Minute Natural Makeup Secrets for the New Mum

  As a new Mum, you’ll most certainly notice changes in your skin and appearance. Unfortunately, the “Did you get any sleep last night?” comments are inevitable.  Sleep deprivation tends to show its true colours, square and centre on our previously glowing faces. Luckily, there’s 5 … [Read more...] about 5 Minute Natural Makeup Secrets for the New Mum

Makeup That Will Not Clog Pores

Is it a myth that makeup clogs your pores? No, unfortunately it’s not. The ingredients in some foundations and powders are known to be comedogenic (we know, devastating). This is why it’s so important to know and understand what you’re purchasing. Finding makeup that will not clog pores can be the … [Read more...] about Makeup That Will Not Clog Pores

Best Way to Cover a Pimple

Some of you out there, not pointing any fingers, but some of you naughty people out there have a tendency of picking at your skin! Agh! This screams disaster to every aesthetic/dermal nurse/beauty consultant out there. We know the (avoidable) damage you’re doing to your delicate precious skin! We'd … [Read more...] about Best Way to Cover a Pimple

Prepping Skin for Makeup

We know, all you want to do is slather on that foundation and give your skin an even flawless coverage BUT makeup applied without prepping skin first, is a recipe for disaster. Whatever your skin type, foundation with no moisture underneath, will move through out the day causing patchy, uneven, … [Read more...] about Prepping Skin for Makeup

Introducing New Products Into Your Skincare

Sometimes, no matter how many lotions and potions we put on our face, our skin can become complacent.  One day we wake up and our skin just doesn’t look the way it usually does.  We usually put it down to a bad nights’ sleep, but the next day, it happens again. Our skin starts to look a little dull, … [Read more...] about Introducing New Products Into Your Skincare

Foundation Free and the Benefits of Going Without

How many times have you looked in the mirror and thought, my skin looks good today, I could possibly go without foundation?! These days pop up for all of us, no matter what your skin type and condition. A quick look in the mirror, followed by happy amazement, which is generally followed by a … [Read more...] about Foundation Free and the Benefits of Going Without

Mother of the Bride – Common Q&A

My daughter is getting married in a few months and I would like to know how to do (age appropriate) makeup for her special day. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, so don’t feel comfortable having it done by a professional, but as Mother of the Bride I am aware that there will be a lot of photos, so I’d … [Read more...] about Mother of the Bride – Common Q&A

Party Season Makeup Tips and Trends

The Summer/party season is almost upon us! With festivals, Christmas parties and holidays galore, we want to look our best. So, what to do about makeup? We believe makeup should highlight and define natural beauty, so we’ve come up with some tips with the latest trends to help you look your best … [Read more...] about Party Season Makeup Tips and Trends

How to party, work and STILL look your best!!

Spring has arrived and as well as seeing more sun, you also see more invitations to parties, special events and weddings. You always like to look your best when attending special events, but the reality is that real change in your skin takes months of diligence in using great products, having … [Read more...] about How to party, work and STILL look your best!!

Rosacea – Best makeup tips

You’ve been diagnosed with rosacea or suspect you have it?  Possibly you are thinking back to your childhood seeing your Auntie Dot with awful thick reddened cheeks, and you, looking in the mirror - just wonder. Your cheeks, chin and between your eyes just seem to be always red and get redder when … [Read more...] about Rosacea – Best makeup tips

Teen Makeup – Common Q&A

My daughter has acne on her face, and it makes her very self-conscious. She has started wanting to wear makeup to hide it. I want her to feel comfortable around her friends, but I don't want her to make the acne worse - or to look really 'made up' with thick makeup - which it ends up being after … [Read more...] about Teen Makeup – Common Q&A

Special Events Skin Prep: Your Timeline

  You have something special coming up - your child’s wedding, a significant birthday or an anniversary. Or maybe you’re going on the trip of a lifetime. There are a 100 reasons why you might like to look your absolute best at these times and the earlier you start your beautifying journey … [Read more...] about Special Events Skin Prep: Your Timeline

Makeup for Dry Skin

When it comes to makeup application, there’s two words our drier skinned friends fear the most, ‘Flaky and Cakey’. This occurs from foundation that is too matte and accentuates dryness, or products that are too heavy and leave skin feeling tight and restricted. Words such as dewy, plump, hydrated, … [Read more...] about Makeup for Dry Skin

Travel Makeup Tips

  Packing a suitcase or a backpack can be tricky and being able to add those little things that help to make you feel like yourself can sometimes make or break a trip. You can still take your basics with foundation, UV protection, lip and eye makeup - your usual routine may just need a … [Read more...] about Travel Makeup Tips

Three Warriors Self Tanning

Tasmanian certified organic, chemical free skin-care & self-tanning range We are aware that for many different reasons people like to self-tan.  We are SO EXCITED to provide an organic, chemical free tanning range!  Three Warriors is about highlighting the natural beauty in everyone. You … [Read more...] about Three Warriors Self Tanning

Choosing Your Makeup When Pregnant

It’s very common these days for pregnant women or women who are trying to conceive to be conscious of what products they are using and putting onto their skin, including makeup. The most important factor in choosing their makeup should be that it contains no known nasties. Anything you apply to … [Read more...] about Choosing Your Makeup When Pregnant

Phillipa and Meagan – A Story of Pregnancy Skin

Our Clinic babies have been born!! See (adorable) pictures. How about the mums' Pregnancy Skin? Having had two staff members pregnant together, due within a week of each other, it very much highlighted the issues women have with their skin for their 9 months and then, also, whilst they are … [Read more...] about Phillipa and Meagan – A Story of Pregnancy Skin

Preparing Your Skin For Summer

It’s Party Time!! The next 2 months for most of us are chock full of entertainment. Whether it’s the Spring Racing Carnival, the office Christmas party, or with friends and family, there are more opportunities to wear that fancy frock, stay up late, drink more wine and eat “yummy” foods which you … [Read more...] about Preparing Your Skin For Summer

Chronic Illness and Oncology Friendly Products

Chronic illness and oncology friendly products can be a minefield to wade through when you are feeling unwell and don't know where to start.  We know that when we are run down, other organs of the body suffer; this includes our skin, which is our largest organ of the body.  Normally the skin is the … [Read more...] about Chronic Illness and Oncology Friendly Products

Natural, Organic, Science? Which is best for our skin?

The answer is ALL!  Because any decrease of toxic chemicals in our body is better than none! Learning how to distinguish between natural, organic and certified organic personal care products and those based on artificial ingredients lies in the ability to decipher labels. First, understand that a … [Read more...] about Natural, Organic, Science? Which is best for our skin?

Three Warriors self tanning range – restore dehydrated skin’s winter glow

Feeling a bit pasty this time of year, but don’t want to go down the spray tan road? We have the answer!! The amazing, Tasmanian made, certified organic, Three Warriors self tanning range. Gradual Tan Self-Tan Mousse Full Body Life Scrub Eco-friendly Tanning Mitt First things first, … [Read more...] about Three Warriors self tanning range – restore dehydrated skin’s winter glow

Luxury Essentials for the more mature skin

so... what are the luxury essentials in the 6 Luxury Essentials for the more mature skin You have a cleanser you love, and a moisturiser? sunblock. You always use a Vitamin A at night and your Vitamin C, E and B in the morning - but your skin still is dry at times, looks a little dull, how about … [Read more...] about Luxury Essentials for the more mature skin

Makeup And Ageing Gracefully

[themedy_alertbox icon="" colour="yellow" custom_colour=""]Read the makeup tips below or jump straight to the recommended products (click here).[/themedy_alertbox] (by Rosie Geeves) It is all well and good to suggest a range of products and tips with the current youth trends in mind, but what … [Read more...] about Makeup And Ageing Gracefully

Teen Makeup Q&A

Questions & Answers My daughter has breakouts, but I wouldn't call it acne all over her face.  What is the best foundation to wear to cover these blemishes without having a heavy/made up look? Use a medium coverage foundation over the entire base like Osmosis CC Cream.  This will actually … [Read more...] about Teen Makeup Q&A

Need some help with your Foundation Choice?

Here at The Skin Care Clinic we use the best post-treatment mineral makeup, we believe, on the market. Makeup that feeds your skin rather than clogging your pores.  It leaves you feeling radiant and allows your skin to breathe.  Our mineral makeup doesn't contain any 'nasties' and is full of … [Read more...] about Need some help with your Foundation Choice?

Preparing your skin for a special night

The secret to radiant skin for that special night? Answer - an enzyme exfoliating home based facial treatment the day before or the morning of your special day! (by Meagan - our special events queen of course!) I simply love, and use it weekly whether I have a special event or not, one of the … [Read more...] about Preparing your skin for a special night