Facial treatments

The Benefits Of Professional Facials

Here at The Skin Care Clinic, Zoe, our Dermal Therapist, is renowned for giving not only great advice on all skin concerns and conditions, but also luxurious facials, with lots of massage techniques that will leave you feeling relaxed and your skin revitalised. Aside from the relaxing nature of … [Read more...] about The Benefits Of Professional Facials

Dermaplaning At Home

Dermaplaning (otherwise known as dermablading, epidermal blading or levelling), is the gentle removal of dead skin cells from the skin as well as the vellus hair (‘peach fuzz’) that grows on your face.  This is the soft, downy hair that’s usually white in colour and is typically on the sides of the … [Read more...] about Dermaplaning At Home

Omnilux Skin Solutions

As we age, damaged skin loses elasticity and the ability to regulate pigment production. This leads to sags, wrinkles, age spots, and redness. With published clinical studies and 20 years of research, Omnilux Skin Solutions (contour range) uses optimised doses of red and infrared light to … [Read more...] about Omnilux Skin Solutions

Facial Yoga ~ it’s a thing!

There are so many questions to be asked about Facial Yoga.  Like; What is it? What does it do? Who has time to even do that? How can we possibly do that with our phone in our hand? All valid questions.  It seems to me that Facial Yoga is up there with the vagina egg that Gweneth … [Read more...] about Facial Yoga ~ it’s a thing!

Vitamin A – essential for your skin

Vitamin A – Facts, Types and Use Vitamin A skin care products improve the health of your skin. They work by normalising how your skin functions, which in turn helps your skin to stay strong and healthy. This makes it a powerhouse in your skin care regime. It was conclusively proven in 1996 that … [Read more...] about Vitamin A – essential for your skin

Special Events Skin Prep: Your Timeline

  You have something special coming up - your child’s wedding, a significant birthday or an anniversary. Or maybe you’re going on the trip of a lifetime. There are a 100 reasons why you might like to look your absolute best at these times and the earlier you start your beautifying journey … [Read more...] about Special Events Skin Prep: Your Timeline

Seasonal Skin Changes and What To Do About Them

Autumn – how do we know it’s here? Well, my 2½-year-old grandson used to tell me with expansive waves of his arms “Grandma - it’s when the leaves on the trees turn yellow and go all crinkly and crunchy !!” He was right, of course, and as a proud Grandma I would tell him so, using my own expansive … [Read more...] about Seasonal Skin Changes and What To Do About Them

Treating Uneven Skin Tone and Pigmentation

Do you have uneven skin tone, brown spots or melasma on your face? Do you find them unsightly and would like the spots to vanish, returning your skin to the way it used to be? When it comes to treating uneven skin tone and pigmentation it can be difficult to know where to start! Uneven skin tone, … [Read more...] about Treating Uneven Skin Tone and Pigmentation

Best Treatments for Wrinkles

Treat your wrinkles well and they will look younger! As with our physical and mental health, our skin requires a work out too. This is why regular, monthly facials keep the skin working in the best condition. Rather than opting for a “magic” serum to erase all of your lines and wrinkles before your … [Read more...] about Best Treatments for Wrinkles

Tricks of the Trade – For Men / Unisex

Rosie's Tricks of the Trade - for MEN - but we won't tell if you are not a man and find this interesting! It's all relevant for everyone. Tricks of the Trade?! There are 3 simple products to get you started - easy!   1. Why use a cleanser? Tricks of the Trade... Throughout the day, our skin … [Read more...] about Tricks of the Trade – For Men / Unisex

Men’s Skincare Stories

We asked four men to take part in Men’s Month, using our Men's Skin Care Kits and having treatments. They have all been using products for at least two weeks and all started their experience with a Personalised Skin Consultation including a tailor-made Hydrating Facial Treatment. Here we … [Read more...] about Men’s Skincare Stories

Rosacea – Best in clinic facial treatments

Rosacea skins tend to be dehydrated, even when there is acne and the skin feels oily. The best way to treat rosacea is by firstly reversing the cause of the dehydration. Diet and fluids to begin the anti-inflammatory effect.  Building strength and immunity of the skin with (again) diet, but … [Read more...] about Rosacea – Best in clinic facial treatments

Preparing your skin for a special night

The secret to radiant skin for that special night? Answer - an enzyme exfoliating home based facial treatment the day before or the morning of your special day! (by Meagan - our special events queen of course!) I simply love, and use it weekly whether I have a special event or not, one of the … [Read more...] about Preparing your skin for a special night

Dermafrac! Best skin treatments in one

Have a sneak peek at our latest video on Dermafrac to get an insider's perspective on how it all works! This treatment is ideal for sun damaged and thickened skins, which means that our men will love it too! Watch Emma as she talks us through the treatment step-by-step!  Dermafrac! This is a great … [Read more...] about Dermafrac! Best skin treatments in one