Tricks of the Trade – For Men / Unisex

Tricks of the tradeRosie’s Tricks of the Trade – for MEN – but we won’t tell if you are not a man and find this interesting! It’s all relevant for everyone.

Tricks of the Trade?! There are 3 simple products to get you started – easy!


1. Why use a cleanser? Tricks of the Trade…

Throughout the day, our skin is exposed to pollution, dirt, grime, dust and god knows what else! Our skin also naturally produces oil, sheds dead skin cells and has normal living on it. A mixture of all of these building up over time can create havoc for our skin making it appear less radiant, dull and well, older. It will also feel not as nice as it used to.  This is why we use a cleanser, to remove these impurities from our skin, helping our skin be healthier, feel and look younger and allow the next products to penetrate to the deeper layers.

Unisex cleanser suggestions:

  • Aspect Dr Deep Clean – a deep cleansing gel formula with multi fruit extracts and a patented botanical retinol like active (lanablue) to improve cellular renewal for smoother, clearer, younger looking skin.  Good for breakouts and some congestion.
  • Cosmedix Benefit Clean – is an immensely beneficial facial cleanser that’s gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types.  Even men have sensitive skins – this is the cleanser for them!
  • Osmosis MD Purify – is a gently exfoliating cleanser that is popular with all skin types.  Everyone loves it – so share it with your partner in the shower.


2. What are Antioxidant serums? Tricks of the Trade…

Serums are water-based, vitamin and antioxidant concentrates that aim to target specific concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, breakouts, sun damage, capillary damage, dehydration the list goes on! If you are only going to use one serum, choose one filled with antioxidants especially Vitamin C.

Unisex serum suggestions:

  • Aspect Dr Active C Serum – this serum benefits skin of every age. It protects it from environmental damage and will restore and replenish the skin’s natural healing factors. If your skin is inflamed or you suffer from breakouts or are fed up with the red/brown spots from a pimple then this is the serum for you. It is especially good for the under 30’s skin. For those with older skin, Aspect Dr Active C Serum helps to slow the ageing process.
  • Aspect Dr Redless – this serum is a corrective, anti-red, antioxidant calming serum based on the Sea Buckthorn Berry. Rosacea sufferers will see the difference within weeks as the signs of a stressed skin slowly decrease. It is brilliant for alleviating dry and stressed skins and making you feel so much more normal.
  • Osmosis MD Clarify – this serum clears acne, normalises oil production, shrinks pores, increases skin’s immune support, remodels scarring, hydrates, calms inflammation, protects skin from UV rays, restores the epidermal barrier, and restores dermal thickness.
  • Osmosis MD Replenish – this antioxidant serum contains the essential antioxidants C and B plus a lot more goodies to repair, protect and heal on every level. It can be used in any regimen as a preventative measure against free radical damage; can also be used in your age-reversing regimen as an alternative to the Vitamin A serums if your skin does not tolerate Vitamin A. It is an important addition to any protocol if you have excessive sun exposure. The perfect antioxidant serum for everyone!

Of course there are so many other serums to choose from. We’ve just given you the basics – really to help a man who wants to help his skin, doesn’t know the questions and doesn’t know where to go for help!


3. Why use an SPF moisturiser? Tricks of the Trade…

A very important question…!

Throughout the day, regardless of the time of year, we are exposed to UV Radiation. UV Radiation prematurely ages skins and has the potential to cause healthy cells to turn into skin cancers – so it is really important!

By using a moisturiser that hydrates your skin as well as protects it is the final step to your simple routine. Of course wearing protecting clothing, a hat and sunnies all help too.

Unisex SPF moisturiser suggestions:

  • Aspect Hydra Shield – a lightweight super-hydrating moisturiser with physical sun protecting benefits, Aspect Hydra Shield SPF 15 is packed with potent skin protecting antioxidants, skin hydrators and nourishing botanical oils.
  • CosMedix Hydrate + – a daily zinc based moisturiser/sunblock with added antioxidants. It is loved by dryer, more sensitive skins and is easy to use every day.
  • ENVIROSTAT Dry Touch Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50 – this sunscreen is loaded with Vitamin E, and provides broad spectrum dry-touch UV protection. Suitable for facial and body use, offers 4 hours water-resistant protection. Unlike their physical counterparts, chemical sunscreens cannot be sweated off and is non-greasy. This is our FAVE for men, for sports people – doesn’t run into the eyes, for teens!






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