Online Skin Care Specials

40% off

Starting 8am Saturday 15th June selected superior skincare are 40% off! It’s for a limited time with numbers limited, so you’ll need to get in quick! We’re emptying our shelves before our EOFY stocktake and our next shipment of product arrives. Sale runs until midnight Wednesday 19th June.


ps. Keep your eyes out for Wednesday 19th June… 

BONUS products with purchase

Occasionally, we like to “spice things up” and give away something we love. We collect a limited amount of a product that works wonderfully and give it away to orders over a given price until they’re all gone. These types of promotions end midnight the same day (or weekend if you’re lucky) or when the BONUS stocks run out, whichever occurs first. Unless otherwise stated, we love to mix things up now and then.

If you’d like to be kept “in the know” then make sure you’re receiving our weekly emails by creating your free account. That way you won’t miss out on both the info and bonus giveaways!

You will see the BONUS product offered as a pop-up when you view your qualifying cart page. Simply add it to your cart and checkout. It won’t be guaranteed as yours until you have paid for your products. If we run out of our BONUS stock, the pop-up will no longer appear when you view your qualifying cart, and any BONUS items in your cart page will be automatically removed.

Sometimes a few BONUS items may be added to your cart due to technical issues. We will only post 1 bonus item per order unless otherwise stated.

You may also decide to use your loyalty points or your ‘welcome’ coupon code and sometimes this brings your carts total value below the “given price,” and the BONUS item will be removed from your cart.


Up To 50% OFF Clearance

We have a range of products that are discontinued or we’re no longer stocking in the clinic. They range from 20 to 50% off.

Specials up to 40% off


Mystery Boxes…

Mystery Box Halloween Slider

In the deep cover of darkness, The Skin Care Clinic ladies secretly work on some extremely mysterious, completely exhilarating and totally spellbinding… Mystery Boxes… What are these mysterious mystery boxes, we hear you ask?  Well friends, they are mysterious boxes, packed full to the brim of secret skin care lotions and potions, carefully selected for their unique and powerful powers. But you have to trust us. There is no peeking inside. No clues. No hidden messages. Just a mysterious box, full of mysterious things.

How do you get one of these mysterious boxes, we hear you ask? It is simple… make sure you are receiving our weekly emails. Then you’ll know when and how to look!!! They will only be released now and then (once we have a nice little treasure trove of goodies saved up). There are also only a limited number of these super mysterious mystery boxes on sale at any one time, so you’ll need to be quick.

When they’re released, we’ll send you an email (and splash it on Instagram and Facebook) that tells you when to start checking our website… the Mystery Box will show on our HOME PAGE and our MYSTERY BOX category page – only once it’s released though!!!

If you’d like to be kept “in the know” then make sure you’re receiving our weekly emails by creating your free account. That way you won’t miss out on both the info and bonus giveaways!


Aspect Dr SamplesEnjoy a  FREE SAMPLE with your order!

Your FREE GIFT will be chosen at random from our current range of product samples available. Please note we don’t typically add free samples when products are discounted or bonus products are already added.


Terms and Conditions Fine Print

Terms & Conditions for our sales

The Skin Care Clinic enjoys spoiling its customers every now and then with sales. promotions and individual product specials.  As with everything, there are some rules and expectations regarding these sales which we appreciate you reading.

  • Promotions, specials and sales will only be for a limited time.
  • Promotions with a coupon code – the code must be used at checkout to receive the discount.
  • Only one coupon code can be used per transaction.
  • Discount Codes offering % or $ value off, DO NOT apply to any items already on sale.
  • Gifts given with a Purchase is only available whilst stocks of that gift last.
  • No correspondence, returns or swaps of gift item.
  • Gifts do not apply to online gift cards or to orders under $100. Gifts will only be posted when other physical products have been ordered.
  • Only 1 gift is available with purchase offer per customer per promotion.
  • Reward points are not earned and are not redeemable during the sale period.

Please check your cart carefully before submitting payment for your order as we are unable to change an order once it has been placed. This includes swapping products or giving refund for promotions or discounts when a coupon code has not been used at checkout.

On Public Holidays and weekends there is no Australia Post and therefore no dispatch from The Skin Care Clinic.

  • During sales the volume of our orders increases and although we endeavour to have anticipated levels of all stock as well as increased staff numbers to handle the orders, occasionally you may find that your order takes more than the usual 24 hours to reach you.  We apologise for this and hope you understand that we are doing our utmost to get your products to you as fast as we can.  An example of this is during the Boxing Day Sale Christmas period suppliers are closed for 3 weeks so we are unable to top up our stocks to meet orders.
  • During these sale times we will only email you if a product is unavailable from the supplier or if there is an unexpected delay of more than a week, otherwise all orders will be filled within 7 days from the beginning of the promotion.


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