skin care routine

Everyday Skin Care Needs

  While your skin's colour and texture may be different to your best friends, your everyday skin care needs are both the same. Your skin is there to protect your body from the outside world, acting as a waterproof layer that allows your body to move freely. It also protects against … [Read more...] about Everyday Skin Care Needs

Skin Care for your 20’s and 30’s

  Whether you enjoyed gorgeous, clear skin in your teens or were plagued with pimples, once you hit your 20’s you need to re-evaluate how you care for your skin. So...what does skin care for your 20's and 30's look like? At around age 25, skin begins the ageing process. Step by step from … [Read more...] about Skin Care for your 20’s and 30’s

Seasonal Skin Changes and What To Do About Them

Autumn – how do we know it’s here? Well, my 2½-year-old grandson used to tell me with expansive waves of his arms “Grandma - it’s when the leaves on the trees turn yellow and go all crinkly and crunchy !!” He was right, of course, and as a proud Grandma I would tell him so, using my own expansive … [Read more...] about Seasonal Skin Changes and What To Do About Them

The What, Why and How of Cleansing

Quite often, it’s easy for us to complicate things in our lives. Our skin care seems to be one of those things that we over-think and then overlook and eventually, it all ends up getting put on the back-burner. To make things easy, we’re getting back to the basics of skin care. The what’s, why’s and … [Read more...] about The What, Why and How of Cleansing

How to Choose a Cleanser

It’s a little overwhelming isn’t it? There are so many cleansers out there and so much information. So, how to choose a cleanser? We plan to dispel the myths and give it to you straight! If you currently just use water to rinse your face – you need to first find out WHY you need to use a … [Read more...] about How to Choose a Cleanser