Men’s Skincare Stories

We asked four men to take part in Men’s Month, using our Men’s Skin Care Kits and having treatments. They have all been using products for at least two weeks and all started their experience with a Personalised Skin Consultation including a tailor-made Hydrating Facial Treatment.

Here we introduce them and begin their stories…


Men's Skincare James

A 28 year old Mechanic who is a newbie to using cosmeceutical products. Before starting on Osmosis MD products he was using soap on his face! No moisturiser or SPF.  As he mostly works in a garage, he thought he didn’t really need an SPF.  However, he spends a lot of time outside, riding his motor-bikes as well as exercising. When looking at his skin under the Wood Lamp skin examination, it was noticeably dehydrated with fine oil through the T-zone.  Particularly this winter, he was starting to notice a “flakey” dryness all over his face and would experience occasional breakouts.  James has been using the Osmosis MD Mens skin kit with Purify, Replenish, Clear Plus and Protect for two weeks and started off his skincare journey with a tailor-made Medi-Facial.

“My skin feels sooooooo good!!” says James

Chris M

Men's Skincare Chris MA 42 year old Retail Manager that has been using Natio and Clarins products for several years. He has always used products on his skin since suffering from acne in his youth. Chris hasn’t always been consistent in using daily SPF protection and has the type of skin that burns easily; one of the most noticeable things we found under the Wood Lamp skin examination was pigmentation from sun damage. His skin also appeared very dehydrated. Chris M has been using our Aspect Dr Men’s Skin Care Kit which includes their Deep Clean, Active C Serum and Hydra Shield SPF moisturiser for two weeks, he has also had a Medi-Facial and will commence with IPL treatments for his sun damage once his hydration levels are improved.

“I am still trying to get into the habit of using the products everyday however my skin is starting to look better and is feeling softer” says Chris M

Chris T

Men's Skincare Chris TChris is 31 years old, is the head distiller at one of Tasmania’s major Distilleries. He spends a lot of time out in the elements with his work as well as on weekends with his young family. He was one of “our men” last year and loved the results he achieved then however became less and less consistent with his homecare routine. Under the Wood Lamp skin examination his skin is again starting to show signs of sun damage, is slightly dehydrated and has oil through the T-zone. Chris has been using the Aspect Dr Men’s Skin Care Kit: Deep Clean, Active C Serum and Hydra Shield SPF moisturiser for two weeks now and also started off this month by having a hydrating Medi-Facial.

“I love the products and the results – I am starting to notice the difference already” says Chris T

Chris C

Men's Skincare Chris CA 29 years old. He has recently graduated from his architecture degree and works at a Winery on Bruny Island. He came to us looking for a solution to his acne scars that have been left over after he was treated with Roaccutane for persistent acne. He was also experiencing breakouts along his jawline that weren’t healing. Chris was only using a moisturiser of a morning and an SPF in summer. His skin was dehydrated under the Wood Lamp skin examination and has some sun damage. We choose alternative products for Chris C’s skin; Osmosis MD Purify, Osmosis MD Boost and CosMedix Hydrate+.  He is having regular, monthly, DermaFrac Treatments which he really likes.

“My breakouts have started to clear up and my skin looks and feels cleaner” says Chris C


We are really excited to see the results that these guys will be getting over the upcoming month and wish them all the best on their skincare journey, hopefully by the end they’ll be converted!


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