Best Treatments for Wrinkles

Treat your wrinkles well and they will look younger!

As with our physical and mental health, our skin requires a work out too. This is why regular, monthly facials keep the skin working in the best condition. Rather than opting for a “magic” serum to erase all of your lines and wrinkles before your eyes, it makes more sense to take a more nurturing approach to your ageing skin. Everyone’s skin is unique, so having a consultation with a professional skin therapist is one of the first steps to take in understanding your skin’s specific needs.

A team effort is required in order to start to see a change in your skin and, time.  Once you’ve completed your skin consultation you should have a plan of “attack”; starting on a good homecare routine and beginning on a series of  in-clinic facial treatments. The homecare routine will put nutrition and antioxidants back into the skin as it prepares the skin for your clinical treatments. These, if chosen well will give your skin the boost it needs and will make a significant difference to how quickly you see results.


Best Treatments for Wrinkles


The commonest issue we see in clinic is that of dehydration. This is in all age groups, all skin types and skin conditions. Often a client isn’t aware of this, especially with acne sufferers. A dehydrated skin is an impaired and stressed one and if not treated will lead to further issues as the skin is unable to function at its optimum. Think how you feel and function if you haven’t drunk for a day!

Change cannot be affected in the skin when it is dehydrated so this needs to be fixed first and this is often best achieved with a series of hydrating treatments combined with specialised home care products and possibly a few dietary and lifestyle changes.

You might need a series of hydrating facials in order to improve the overall health of your skin; Lactobotanical Peels are a great option as they increase skin cell turnover whilst improving hydration levels and plumping the skin. If you have particularly sensitive or reactive skin, a Medi-facial, or custom mask which is tailored to your skin’s needs, can help to strengthen and repair damage to the skin before getting into the stronger treatments.

Once your skin is ready it will be time to begin really rejuvenating – fighting your ageing concerns; softening and removing your wrinkles!  Your skin therapist may recommend a combination of the treatments below or a series of one followed by a series of the other. Be guided be her as, hopefully she has the knowledge and experience to realistically help you reach your skin goals.



Vitamin A Infusions

Vitamin A Infusions are clinical facials that are designed to change ageing, sun-damaged, pigmented, dry, sensitive skin and will change the look of your wrinkles!! A series of these, over 3-6 months, will truly change your facial appearance. Each one is full of clinical strength, high potency ingredients, such as Retinaldehyde (Vitamin A), Niacinamide (Vitamin B), 1,3 Beta Glucan ( for immunity), all combined with an effective liposomal delivery system to ensure each ingredient reaches just where it needs to be deep in your skin. Delivered in this way also ensures the stability of each ingredient because they are not affected by anything else in the skin as they try to penetrate.

Best Treatments for Wrinkles - Vitamin A Infusion

For you this means:

  • Less irritation – great for sensitive, reactive, dry skins
  • Increased hydration – plumper and dewy – fewer wrinkles
  • Brighter skin – more even-toned; brown areas start to fade
  • A reduction in pore size – YAY!
  • Smoother, softer skin with better looking or fewer fine lines

The key ingredients promote cellular turnover, normalise skin function, improve cellular respiration, increase immune function of the skin, boosts collagen production and strengthens the skin. WOW!



The Quick Fix – Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Sometimes we all need a fast solution for our lines, to make us instantly look more open, fresh and unlined! This is where a few anti-wrinkle injections can make all the difference. Find yourself a reputable, experienced injector. The best way is to ask your friends, check out their faces, do you like the result – if so, book in.

At your first visit you should have a medical history taken and your goals discussed with you. All the pros and cons and possible complications and expectations should be fully explained. Photos should be taken and you should see a Doctor before the go-ahead is given. If these things don’t happen, tell them you’ve changed your mind and leave. There will be somewhere better.

BEWARE – For you youngsters out there, a word of caution; I’m meaning the 20-30-year-olds who have anti-wrinkle injections to prevent wrinkles. It will do this, however, if you have it regularly, remember the muscle they are injecting will eventually atrophy (die), other muscles will start to work in that area instead and you’ll want more and more. By the time you reach around 50, the traditional time for these treatments you won’t have the muscles for the injections and, more importantly, your face won’t have all the muscles it needs to hold it up.

On a plus note, trying some anti-wrinkle treatments when you are young, just once or twice, may “retrain” the affecting muscle to not work as hard. This solves your problem as the line(s) you want gone will be softened possibly for for a very long time.

These notes are just something for you to ponder! You are actually better off, we believe, in using good quality skin care and having regular appropriate treatments – plus using a physical sunblock every day!!


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