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Serums: How They Change Your Skin

  Serums - the Significant Difference! If you want to effect change in your skin, whether it is to beat your acne, slow the process of ageing in your skin or fight your redness, you need to use serums.Creams and moisturisers are universally known and understood, often being all that a … [Read more...] about Serums: How They Change Your Skin

Vitamin E: The Essential Hydrator

Vitamin E is found naturally in the skin in varying forms and is cleverly able to travel deep into the skin to the dermis. This is due to it being lipid-soluble and a powerful antioxidant in its own right, though when combined with others – WOW, it can have some punch!Vitamin E is actually a … [Read more...] about Vitamin E: The Essential Hydrator

Environmental Impacts on Skin

 Where we live and the lives that we lead, are all big factors in not only our general health, but the health of our skin.  So whether we live in the country, or the inner city, the environmental impacts play an integral part in skin health. With our skin being our largest organ, one of its … [Read more...] about Environmental Impacts on Skin

Free Radicals and Skin

What Are Free Radicals?They are the "baddies" in our skin because they cause our cells to become dysfunctional...which makes us age faster!Free radicals are minute chemical particles that are usually the result of an inflammatory chemical process – they are the leftover bits caused from … [Read more...] about Free Radicals and Skin

New Technology in Skin Care

At the Skin Care Clinic, we love seeing our clients achieving the results they want. The products that we use are cosmeceutical, meaning that they have a therapeutic benefit and are designed to promote change on a cellular level. Over the years there have been many advancements within technology in … [Read more...] about New Technology in Skin Care

Green Vegetables

We have been told to eat our "green" vegetables since childhood... but why?  What is the benefit to our skin (and bodies), and why can't we just use products instead to solve our skin issues?For a start - no matter how amazing your skin care routine is, if you are continually putting your body … [Read more...] about Green Vegetables