Vitamin A – Retinol Product Review

As we age our body slows down, we may not like it – but it’s normal. While some forms of ageing we need to accept, there is actually quite a lot we can do for our skin. We know that our skin cell turnover reduces as we age, and science has been using Retinoids to increase this process again for decades. This week we have a vitamin A – Retinol product review so you can discover which one is right for your skin.


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Julie’s Vitamin A – Retinol Product Review

Julie Product Review

I’ve been here at The Skin Care Clinic for a few years now and am still learning the ins and outs of skin care, especially the intricacies of the ingredients within our fabulous products we stock.

One of those ingredients, vitamin A, is still a bit of an enigma to me, how could a product possibly increase skin cell turnover? Truly amazing. We all know that as we age everything slows down, in my case, brain, movement, cooking meals, making the bed, you get the idea, and your skin is the same, it doesn’t bounce back like it use too, it takes longer for those sleep wrinkles to disappear in the morning, and some even like to hang around all day, and then you come to the realisation they actually want to move in permanently like an unwelcome lodger, paying no rent. BUT I can honestly say using a retinal/retinol product will help turn this around.

My vitamin A journey

Beginning work here, I was prescribed an Osmosis MD vitamin A product. I began with Calm as I had never used a retinal/retinol before, and it is their gentlest vitamin A. Then I progressed to the Correct which I have been using ever since, and it has most definitely made a substantial impact, in particular on skin firmness. Previous to beginning Calm, my skin was getting that soft squishy, droopy bloodhound look, which was actually getting me down a little, as I didn’t particularly want to look like a cute dog.

I recently forced a break from Correct to review the new Cosmedix Bakuchiol retinol alternative, which is perfect for those of you who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or your skin just won’t tolerate vitamin A products. I really loved it! It feels beautiful on your skin and I saw no return to squishy squashy behaviour while using it over that two to three week period. There is also a Medik8 Bakuchiol Peptides Serum available. But if your skin will tolerate a retinal, I highly suggest trying Calm to begin with, and then moving to a higher level vitamin A after a few months.

Summing up, if you need to evict the squish, apply the vitamin A 😊




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Phillipa’s Vitamin A – Retinol Product Review

Phillipa Product Review

“I have a few vitamin A favourites, but I’ll admit mine isn’t a retinol, but a retinal. What’s the difference? I use retinaldehyde so I can get the most benefits out of my serum without the irritation. I have started on a low % and worked my way up.

What do I mean by Retinaldehyde?

If you’re A vitamin A pro, you’ll know that your skin uses Retinoic Acid. Unfortunately this version of Vitamin A can be very strong and often irritating to the skin – which is why you need a prescription from your Doctor to use it. You can get very similar results but without the irritation, simply by using Retinaldehyde (the precursor to Retinoic Acid). Your skin processes retinoids in the following order – Retinol Esters > Retinol > Retinaldehyde > Retinoic Acid – then starts to make the wonderful changes in your skin. Every step it needs to take, reduces the end results. Thus Retinaldehyde can give you the best results without the irritation. Ps. it’s often called Retinal for short…

Anyway, my favourites are the Medik8 Crystal Retinal family due to value for money vs quality (I’m up to number 6) and Osmosis MD Calm as it has lots of “skin calming” ingredients also included, which are great for my red cheeks. The Crystal Retinol products are a creamy formula including hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and glycerin – so it glides on your skin and goes a long way. I find that for value for money, this is a great option. You get enough for at least a couple of months and after using a few tubes you can always try moving up a level. It even has a level 20 for the super users!!

Back to Osmosis MD Calm – I like the way this brand uses the different retinal products to tackle different skin issues. They typically suggest starting on Calm so you can tackle skin inflammation before jumping up the ranks. If you’re new to vitamin A’s this is such a great place to start and I can’t recommend it enough!”




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Nidia’s Vitamin A – Retinol Product Review

Product Review Nidia

I’m using a retinol alternate serum rather than retinol itself. So, rather than making something up for you all, I’m reviewing CosMedix Bakuchiol. From the first night using this retinol alternative serum, my skin was brighter, smoother and felt more hydrated the next morning. With most vitamin A serums, you need to gradually build up to daily use, but you can start using this serum daily straightaway, which was a plus for me as I tend to forget about products I don’t use daily! After a few more uses, my skin tone looks even and still feels really soft – that would be courtesy of the brightening Bakuchiol and the deeply hydrating Squalane. All in all, this is a light and gentle serum (perfect for sensitive skin) that is super easy to use, goes on like a dream. Just what you want before bed!




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Zoe’s Vitamin A – Retinol Product Review

Zoe Product Review

“I have only just started using a vitamin A serum, recommended by the fabulous Meg herself! Because I’m a beginner using Retinol, I have been advised to start with Osmosis MD Calm. This is a must have for anyone wanting to start using a Retinol serum! It’s very important that when you begin using ANY Retinol product, that you are only using it twice a week! (Every 3 days.) Your skin may become red, irritated, and sore if you overuse to start with. Eventually, majority of people will be able to use it every day or most, this will depend on what product you’re using, how sensitive your skin is, and what percentage of Retinol you are using.

My current vitamin A trial

I’m currently using several products from the Osmosis MD range as I have been having consistent trouble with my skin. After using my vitamin A serum, I can honestly say my skin FEELS better, I can’t say I can see a visible change yet but hey, I’ve only used it twice! Osmosis MD Calm feels pleasant to apply and has a soft caramel colour. I would recommend using a moisturiser afterwards, as it does make your skin feel quite tight.

Vitamin A is a must have for anyone, (except if you’re pregnant/breastfeeding) especially for aging skin! Not only does is stimulate cell turnover and resurfaces your skin, but retexturizes and strengthens the skin by boosting collagen production.”



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