Our Favourite Skincare for Dry Skin

Our Favourite Skincare For Dry Skin

As the winter chill settles in and the humidity levels plummet, our skin often bears the brunt of the season’s harsh conditions, particularly those with dry skin types. When the air lacks moisture and we’re cosying up indoors with heat pumps and wood fires, our skin’s hydration levels can quickly deplete, leading to uncomfortable dryness, itchiness, redness and even flakiness.

In such times, using a good quality product becomes imperative for maintaining skin health and comfort. Read on to hear about our favourite skincare for dry skin to soothe and hydrate you into bliss…


Meg Product Review



Meg’s Skincare for Dry Skin

I don’t typically have dry skin, other than on my shins, which I use We Are Feel Good Inc Body Milk (which is hand down the best body moisturiser in all the land).

I do love a heavier moisturiser for my face though, something that hydrates, plumps and leaves my skin soft, and for this, I can not go past Aspect Super Moisturising ComplexThis creamy moisturiser absorbs immediately into the skin, does not have a fragrance, and aids in repairing and strengthening the skin’s barrier function, without feeling oily.

The ingredients in the Aspect Super Moisturising Complex target your cells to do their restorative work on the deepest cellular level. This product is uniquely great at protecting against free radical damage and repairing cell walls. This is due to specialised ingredients like hyaluronic acid, peptides, and stem cell extracts which restores the skin’s vitality quickly. Other ingredients, like green tea, Canadian willow herb, and sea buckthorn fruit oil soothe your skin. They also help your skin seal in the moisture, locking in the hydration.

If you want effective skincare that soothes and hydrates the skin, then these are the ones for you!



Julie Product Review



Julie’s Skincare for Dry Skin

If you are heading towards, currently embroiled in, or sticking your head out the other side of Menopause (like mois), then read on people!

Before, during and after the Drought of the Century, everything went dry, from my sense of humour, my once-radiant skin and other things I don’t dare mention as to not instil fear in our younger readers. But alas, our quality skincare can make all the difference… for your skin at least. 

First up, the Miracle Mask in the Aspect Hydrating Mask. This isn’t just any mask folks. No, this product sees your desert-like face and says, “Not tonight, Sahara!” With one application left on overnight, I awoke to feel like I’d plunged my face into the Fountain of Youth. The hydration was so intense, I half expected a lifeguard to show up and remind me not to run by the pool.

Next, we have the Beautiful Body Moisturiser, in the Aspect Pigment Punch Body This tube literally does pack a punch! And not only on pigment, I swear I saw that lizard inspired coat on my shins pack itself into a bag and move out. I actually did not expect that level of moisturisation. 

Then there is the Sumptuous Serum Toskani Night Reverse Advanced SerumIt sounds intensely moisturising, without even saying the word, hydrate or moisturise, but ‘overnight skin drops’ written under the name on the bottle, drops of luscious moisture enhancing, silky liquid that smells divine too! And of course full of medical-grade ingredients to not only hydrate the skin, but rejuvenate dull, photodamaged skin and restore radiance. Perfect.

Oh and cleansing!! So important. Always use a silky Creamy Cleanser like my personal fave at the moment,  Zo Skin Health Hydrating Cleanser, love it.

In conclusion, if menopause has left your skin drier than a stand-up comedian at a librarian’s convention, then you need these products in your life. Trust me, your skin will be drenched, quenched and wrenched from its dryness, you might just find yourself smiling at your reflection again – not because you’ve gone completely mad, but because you’ve discovered the secret to reclaiming your glow.



Pip Product Review



Pip’s Skincare for Dry Skin

“Ever since I clocked over 40 my skin has been so dry!!! Yes, I moisturise (I work in the mecca of hydration LOL), but if I try something that’s not hydrating enough I quickly know about it. For years I’ve  been addicted to Aspect Super Moisturising Complex, but this year I’ve been branching out.

I’m totally in LOVE with SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid 3:4:3! This is ideal for dehydrated and dry skin that almost (or does) feels sore, and it soaks in like a healing bath. Drenching your skin in moisture and you really feel it holding for the whole day. When I see people with that sore dry look it’s either SMC or Triple Lipid that I recommend now.

The other newbie I’ve tried and my skin’s adored is the NEW Medik8 Total Moisture Daily Face Cream. It’s not as thick as Triple Lipid and more suitable to normal skin. Giving you that burst of moisture without being heavy. If you’re not a fan of Aspect Dr Resveratrol (our best selling moisturiser) this is the next one I’d recommend right now. It’s literally flown off our shelves since it first arrived!

Now, if you’re just feeling the Winter Dries, then really you still can’t go past adding Osmosis Immerse to your routine. It can be popped on at the same time as your current moisturiser and you’ll receive a HUGE moisture boost – it’s heavenly! I highly recommend using at night and waking up with baby soft skin!”



We hope you have appreciated hearing our real-life feedback on these products. If there is a product you have enjoyed, please leave your feedback. Your favourite cleanser, serum or moisturiser? Write a review on the website and you’ll even receive an extra 300 points. Simply locate the product (in this case the products we’ve just reviewed), click the Reviews tab and leave your rating and review. We believe in finding products that are scientifically proven to improve your skin’s health without using nasty ingredients that we are better off avoiding.







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