Societe Product Review

Societe Product ReviewThis week’s Societe product review reflects this brand’s dedication to nature being harnessed with science in a cosmeceutical setting. They go the extra mile to ensure their ingredients are quality and cold-pressed to preserve their potency. They then work with these high levels of active ingredients to provide optimised for results, all while avoiding unnecessary and harmful additions.

Acne, aging and sensitive skincare users will thrive on this range, and while the price tag reflects their quality – so do the results. You have likely seen us offer their Rejuvenating Peptide face and eye sheet masks as bonus treats when we are having a promotion, and this is for a very good reason! While we have many sheet masks on offer, they are often our go-to fav’s, both for you and ourselves at home.



Zoe’s Societe Product Review          Zoe Review

Zoe Product Review

“As someone who struggles with eczema and sensitive skin, finding a product that delivers true calming relief can often be a challenge.
From the moment I applied the Société Calming Relief Balm, I felt an immediate sense of comfort and relief. The balm has a luxuriously smooth texture that effortlessly glides onto the skin, leaving a soothing and cooling sensation.

The star ingredient in this balm is undoubtedly the combination of Chamomile and Aloe Vera extracts. These natural powerhouses work synergistically to calm inflammation, reduce redness, and promote overall skin healing. After just a few applications, I noticed a significant improvement in my skins appearance where the eczema is present.

I also use this on my clients straight after having any type of chemical peel, as it provides immediate relief from irritation. Calming Relief Balm has exceeded my expectations! It is a remarkable product that delivers on its promises, providing genuine relief for sensitive skin. With its soothing properties, high-quality ingredients and impeccable performance, this balm has earned its rightful place in my array of products!”




Pip’s Societe Product Review          Pip Review

Pip Product Review

“I have quite a few fav’s from Societe, but today I’m choosing the Intense Firming Complex. If you like to feel your skincare working for you, this is the best. It’s packed with collagen boosting peptides and anti0xidants as well as hyaluronic acid. It’s specifically designed to tighten the elasticity of your skin while plumping and smoothing… you really can’t go past this little gem. Now, having said this, I’ve actually taken their peptide sheet masks for the face and eyes with me while I’m travelling. It’s awesome from the fridge after a hot day and a refreshing shower! Okay, I know I should stop there but I really really really love the Triple C serum. Other people I know who’ve tried it say the same. While it doesn’t have the ‘cult’ following of some of our other options, it’s great to use.”




Sophie’s Societe Product Review          Nidia Review

Product Review Nidia

The Societe Eye Peptide Mask is a true lifesaver. The moment I apply the masks, I feel a soothing and cooling sensation that’s so relaxing. It’s like giving my eyes a refreshing spa treatment, instantly calming any irritations or puffiness. Perfect after a long day or restless night, or when I just need a bit of self-care!

Dry and stressed skin, meet your new best friend! The Eye Peptide Mask provides deep hydration that’s like a drink of water for my skin. The stress just melts away as my delicate eye area becomes hydrated and nourished.

But wait, there’s more! This mask has a nifty brightening effect around the eyes. The Eye Mask also proves to be a reliable ally in my battle against my dark circles and puffiness. You’ll glow like you’ve just had the best nap of your life, even if reality says otherwise. It’s like a little magic trick to boost your confidence and look radiant throughout the day. With consistent use, this eye mask has minimised the appearance of these common under eye concerns, leaving me with a fresh and energised look.




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