SkinCeuticals Product Review

SkinCeuticals Product Review

SkinCeuticals is a well known skincare brand from the US, with an advanced antioxidant range. Its founding scientist actually discovered the critical role of vitamin C in collagen biology and the role of topical antioxidants for reducing sun damage. Those of you who follow our clinic, know how passionate we are about vitamin C!

Founded in 1994, SkinCeuiticals is based on the pivotal research by Dr Sheldon Pinnell, its founding skincare chemist, Dermatologist and professor. Having almost 40 years experience in dermatology (focused on skin cancer, disease and ageing), he published more than 200 scientific articles about topical vitamin C, antioxidants, collagen synthesis, and photodamage in peer-reviewed dermatology journals. This brand is successful due to his dedication to the creation of stable and effective topical antioxidants.

Why choose SkinCeuticals?

We love this brand because it is based heavily around scientific research, results and careful production. Allowing quality products that provide well documented changes in your skin. While some products aren’t as ‘nasty free’ as we normally aim for, they are as ‘clean’ of unwanted extras as possible while still being effective. They are all rigorously tested to correct signs of ageing, protect healthy skin, and help prevent future damage. When you purchase SkinCeuticals, you can be assured you have quality products that are only available after proving their skin improving abilities.


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Meg’s SkinCeuticals Product Review

Meg Product Review

The SkinCeuticals Simply Clean cleanser is one that I can’t imagine ever not using. You know when you want to feel squeaky clean, but you don’t want that dry, tight feeling? Well this is the cleanser for you if you have normal to oily skin.

It’s a gel cleanser that feels thick and creamy, even though it’s a gel. It removes oil, makeup and grime from my pores without stripping my skin, and I find that I only ever need to cleanse once. I use this on my neck, chest and back too as it’s so much better than soap (because it won’t leave you feeling dry). I just love this cleanser so much that I’ve been recommending it to so many people and I haven’t heard one bad review.

Another benefit is that it lasts so long because you only need the tiniest amount!

Here are some key ingredients:

  • Fruit acid blend
    Work synergistically to gently exfoliate dead skin cells
  • Botanical extracts
    Chamomile and aloe have softening properties to soothe and calm the skin
  • Chamomile
    With clinically-proven anti-inflammatory properties, chamomile also soothes and calms the skin




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Julie’s SkinCeuticals Product Review

Julie Product Review

I love sun screen, and have literally worn it every day for over thirty years, before it was even a thing! Yes, I was ahead of my time, thank you for your applause. If I leave home without some sort of sun protection on, even in the depths of Winter, it’s like getting into a car and not putting a seat belt on, it feels totally alien.

My skin doesn’t seem to get that white film from a sun block. Even a zinc based one, like I know many of you struggle with.  It’s old and thirsty guys,  it just sucks it up, or maybe it’s my dark bathroom and failing eyesight and I have never noticed?

Could I have been prancing around all day looking like I had just hit a Queensland Summer from a Siberian outpost all this time? Hmmm.. Anyway, I know with my new favourite sun screen from SkinCeuticals there’s definitely no white residue.

This product is divine, and my only issue with it is, it comes in such a small tube!!

Ultra Facial Defense is an SPF50+ with both chemical and mineral filters for UVA and UVB protection, very moisturising and feels super nourishing, and even though it is in a small tube, it seems to last forever, even with my vacuum like skin. You really do only need a small amount, it’s light, silky texture seems to go on and on. Maybe that’s why it’s in a smaller tube?!

Give it a whirl, you’ll love it.




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Phillipa’s SkinCeuticals Product Review

Phillipa Product Review

“I’ve been trialling a range of SkinCeuticals products for redness and dry skin. Looking into the brand, I should have tried one of their vitamin C products, but there you go… I focused on my skin issues instead. I’ve previously written about their Phyto Corrective range, particularly loving the Corrective Gel and Mask! I highly recommend these products, and you can check out my past review.

They even come in a limited edition kit, which I’ve been eyeing off!

As well as these, I’ve been using the Redness Neutralizer and Triple Lipid Restore moisturiser followed by the Age Eye Complex. I’ve been using the Redness Neutralizer following cleansing twice a day. It’s a cream, and I’ve been using it on my cheeks, nose and chin. Looking at it now, it appears to replace your moisturiser, but I’ve been using the Triple Lipid Restore moisturiser over the top. This moisturiser helps to restore your lipid barrier, reducing water loss and supporting your natural skin-repair functions. I went to the snow over the weekend, hanging out while my kids tobogganed until they simply couldn’t climb the slope anymore, only to have a food stop and start all over again. Typically my face would be a red and sore mess after this, but with this combo and SPF I didn’t ever appear anything other than tired LOL. Where do kids get their energy!!!

I jumped right in with SkinCeuticals this month!

Of course, that’s where the Age Eye Complex comes in, as having young kids, I’m often up a couple of times a night with them. To say my eyes have been looking tired is an understatement. I’ve been enjoying the creamy texture of this eye cream, and based on how much I’m using, it’s going to last a long time also! None of these products have an overwhelming scent, (well apart from the Mask), and I’ve been super impressed. I’d say the Triple Lipid Restore is the thickest moisturiser I’ve used yet, and I’d stick with it being a night cream after this experiment. I’d recommend it to anyone who has a compromised lipid barrier, as it has made a big difference in my skins texture and softness. Lastly I tried the Advance Scar Control when I had some skin tags (thanks ageing skin), and I was super impressed about how quickly my scars disappeared.

All in all I’m very impressed with this range, I have no hesitation in recommending it and am curious to try a few different options along the way.”




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Zoe’s SkinCeuticals Product Review

Zoe Product Review

SkinCeuticals Epidermal Repair is a soothing cream, designed to easily mend your skins barrier function and minimise redness for a clear, even appearance. I’ve really been struggling with my skin recently with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, from breakouts on my cheeks that have left big red spots on my face that I can’t seem to fade no matter what I use.

I have recently started using the Epidermal Repair Cream, and I must say I’m impressed with the results so far! I have noticed a significant decrease in the amount of flaky skin I had in patches on my face, and I can already see my skin healing from using this cream. A perfect product to use after having treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, micro needling and facials!



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