Kissed Earth Product Review

Kissed Earth Product Review

Over the summer break our NEW Kissed Earth range of supplements arrived, yay!  With options for collagen boosting, antioxidants, detoxing, alkalising and even improving our brain function during stress there’s a range to chose from. Why have we chosen to stock these? Because healthy skin is often related to having a healthy body. When we go through times of stress, imbalance and change our bodies often show us through our skin (as well as many other body functions of course). While we’d love to say “improve your diet, lifestyle and exercise – if life were that simple we’d all be in tip-top shape. Finding ways to both improve the exterior and interior of your body can produce much longer lasting results. With this in mind, check out this weeks Kissed Earth product review to see if they can help you improve your gut health.


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Julie’s Kissed Earth Product Review

Product Review Julie

I was super excited we were getting the Kissed Earth supplements on our shelves, especially being endorsed by the gorgeous Rachael Finch. It was such a dilemma choosing which one to start with and review, particularly as I have never used anything like this before. In the end I went with Brilliance, a collagen booster, to make me brilliant… and look like Rachael Finch.

I chose the flavoured one with pineapple and coconut, and to be honest I wish I had gone with the unflavoured one. It’s super duper sweet and after the first couple of times just mixing into water, I realised I cannot go on. Why torture my taste buds when I can just add it to different foods and smoothies, and dull the flavour. However the taste is extremely hard to hide, and I’ve never made a smoothie in my life. How glad was I, when we went away after Christmas for a couple of weeks and I had left it at home. 😉

Bottom line, I can’t honestly say I saw or felt a difference when taking it, probably because you actually need to have it more than five times before it begins to work. And because I do, really, really want it to work, not only to look like Rachael Finch, but in particular for my bone and muscle health, I’m going to start again and persevere. 

Though I think I’ll persevere with an unflavoured one. I’ll send a pic when I look like Rachael.




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Phillipa’s Kissed Earth Product Review

Product Review Phillipa

“I chose to add a boost of collagen to my diet this summer with the supplement Brilliance. I presumed I’d try Replenish when I first heard they were coming in, as getting enough antioxidants while feeding two picky little eaters is a challenge for me. Trying to “hide vegies” when my little ones are masters already at finding them has left me with one-too-many pasta and cheese meals (and yes, I’m a terrible cook – just ask my kids and husband).

Anyway back on topic, coming into this holidays I’ve really started to notice my joints seizing up, my muscles aching, my wrinkles becoming more pronounced and quite a few other not so surprising symptoms – presuming it’s perimenopause. While I only turned 40 last year, my adrenal glands have played up for most of my 30’s anyway, so it’s no big surprise.

The more I read through the Brilliance supplement, the more I was feeling “it was the one”… the side of the tub says the following

  • Healthy hair, skin and nails,
  • Joint, bone and tendon health,
  • Muscle tissue recovery, and
  • Skin elasticity and repair.

There are two options with Brilliance, unflavoured and pineapple coconut flavour. I chose unflavoured as I couldn’t picture myself making a smoothie every day. Now, I’ve been using this every other day over this summer break, without changing my skincare routine, and I’ve had quite a few nice comments recently. Of course, I am using wonderful skincare products in the first place, and I’ve been working half weeks, but these comments are from people who see me weekly. My muscles and joints are even feeling a bit better already, with less snap-crackle-and-pop in my joints of an evening. Although I’m still tired after cleaning the whole house twice over, after my kids have been playing LOL. The joys of school holidays…

The flavour isn’t strong, and I can add it to my morning cuppa without cringing. I can even bake with it. It’s suitable for anyone over 16 years old, but I’d say if you’re over 40, give this a whirl and see how you feel!”




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Nidia’s Kissed Earth Product Review

Product Review Nidia

“Having heard of medicinal mushrooms and their health benefits, I’d been looking for a supplement to try. Enter, Kissed Earth’s Brain Elixir and what better time to try it than the hazy days after the Xmas/New Year break! With Lion’s Mane mushooms and botanicals, such as Ginkgo Biloba, it not only promises clarity and focus – it delivers it.

It’s been the perfect thing to add to my early afternoon smoothie to keep me focused for the rest of the day. I could actually feel the brain fog clouds clearing! As a powder with a slightly earthy taste, it can be added to just about anything, including coffee, smoothies, you could probably mix it in your porridge or soup. My go-to for summer has been a green smoothie – cucumber, green apple, celery, frozen pineapple, dash of honey, matcha powder, Brain Elixir and coconut water. So refreshing and hydrating too.

One thing to note: the suggested quantity of Brain Elixir is 1/2 to 1 teaspoon; I first went straight to the 1 teaspoon and it upset my stomach a little! I then dropped down to the 1/2 teaspoon and that was perfect. So I’d suggest starting there and you can always build up to the 1 teaspoon. Enjoy!”





We hope you have appreciated hearing our “real life” feedback on these products. If there is a product you have enjoyed, please leave your feedback. Your favourite cleanser, serum or moisturiser? Write a review on the website and you’ll even receive an extra 300 points. Simply locate the product (in this case the Kissed Earth products we’ve just reviewed), click the Reviews tab and leave your rating and review. We believe in finding products that are scientifically proven to improve your skin’s health without using nasty ingredients that we are better off avoiding.







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