Aspect Dr & Aspect Skincare Product Review

It’s Australia Day and we’re celebrating our Aussie Made products, which means we get to review Aspect and Aspect Dr!! This is a toughie, because… how to choose?? We’re talking over 50 products to decide between – eeek! Which would feature in your Top Aspect Product Review? I’m sure Resveratrol would top many of your lists, as our No. 1 Seller every week!! In fact, Aspect Dr are always our top 5 selling products also!!! Hmm, do you think this is telling us something? Yes, they’re doing something right… and we love their products just as much as you here in the clinic.

Having been established since 2007, Aspect’s skin care ranges include some of the most popular Australian clinical skin care options on the market. The Aspect ranges of cosmeceuticals have been expertly engineered with the latest cutting-edge ingredient technology to revitalise and hydrate, revealing radiant looking skin. With over 20 years of research behind them, they ensure their products effectively deliver pure active ingredients – naturally derived, organic wherever possible and are free from known irritants.

Aspect Dr



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Meg’s Aspect Product Review

Product Review Meg

I use so many Aspect and Aspect Dr products. Let’s see, the B and C, Pigment Plus, Probiotic Sleep Mask, Fruit Enzyme Mask, Hydra Shield, Hand and Body Lotion, Lip Balm (the best ever!), Cellablation (why oh why did they discontinue this???), Soothing Balm for after peels and Envirostat On The Go…  BUT!!! I have decided to review our giveaway – which is the Aspect Dr Multi B (geez we are good to you!!)

My clients may think that it’s odd that I am reviewing this. When faced with a long “wishlist” it’s often one I say you can hold-off starting. It kind-of is, but it kind-of isn’t. Depending on if you’re on a budget and require other products more. I have only recently added into my routine, but now I wouldn’t Be without it!

Aspect Dr Multi BWhat is it?

Basically, it’s a sweet little cocktail of Multi B Vitamins, as well as some super nutritious sea plants.

What does it do?

Multi B turbo charges all your other products, making them work more efficiently.

What will my skin look like?

B is for BRIGHTENING, so expect to see less “dull”, thus brighter, less congested skin with an improvement in pigmentation as B12 helps to regulate the skins pigment production!

Who can use it?

Who can’t is the question??  Everyone can Benefit from a B!  If you are prone to pigmentation, acne and congestion Aspect Dr’s Multi B will Be your BFF




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Julie’s Aspect Product Review

Product Review Julie

Trying to choose your favourite Aspect or Aspect Dr product is like choosing your favourite child, impossible! So when Meg suggested we review the product we love most from these two awesome ranges, my heart sank. How… how do we do that!?…

After many long nights deliberating, pulling names out of a hat and drawing straws, I finally decided to just go with the most recent addition to my Aspect Dr family, that seemed fair. Go with the baby.

I have used quite a few different ranges and types of cleansers, and to be honest, there isn’t one I have disliked. So when I first tried Aspect Dr Deep Clean I was expecting to be quite nonchalant. However there was something a little different about Aspect Dr Deep Clean. It of course lathered up beautifully, smelt fine and left my face feeling super clean without dryness. I can’t put my finger on what the difference is, it just felt really good, simple. Also I have found after using for the last couple of months, the congestion around the sides of my nose has cleared up quite significantly, and I have rather large sides to clean up!

Aspect Dr Deep Clean has always been our biggest selling cleanser out of all our ranges, and now I’m using it myself, I can understand why.

So I think Aspect Dr Deep Clean will be firmly entrenched in my family for quite some time, and I’m sure it won’t be the last Aspect Dr or Aspect product, to join the family either, I’m expecting to bring a new little one home very soon.




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Phillipa’s Aspect Product Review

Product Review Phillipa

“I’ve talked about this product before so I hope I don’t sound like a broken record. It’s simply really great to use and I wouldn’t be without it! I’ve mentioned before my skin can get red and sore. The reality is though it’s hard to convince people now because my face has calmed down so much. I’ve made sure that the products I’m using both protect and heal my skin, and I’m looking better for it.

I use Aspect Dr Hydra Shield in the morning after serums as my moisturiser and SPF. This is more than just my daily sun protection though. As a moisturiser it’s actually packed full of antioxidants and botanical oils that calm inflammation. On top of this it actually helps my skin repair past sun damage. Stimulating blood flow within my skin and encouraging new cell growth. Aka – reducing my wrinkles/acne and firming my skin.

And who doesn’t want to heal their skin?

All-in-all this is the moisturising SPF that both nourishes dry skin, protects from the sun and heals past sun damage and irritation combined. Heavens, no wonder I love it so much. To be honest, I’d forgotten all this until I re-researched it and remembered why I tried it in the first place. I haven’t looked back as it feels (and smells) so nice and I doubt you will too!

Aspect Dr Hydra ShieldNow, how to describe it? The general “blurb” says; A fast-absorbing, lightweight and non-greasy moisturiser for daily use. Packed with antioxidants and botanical oils to comfort and protect all skin types. To be honest I don’t think I could say it better. It really is all these things. It says it’s targeted at all skin types, specifying; ageing, dehydrated, problematic, excess oil and sensitive skin. I can well imagine this! The best part is I’ve been using it for years, both Summer and Winter, and it feels just as lovely to put on in the morning! Of course if I’m heading to the beach or outside for long I add an extra chemical SPF like Envirostat just before also. I really am paranoid about sun damage, but it feels like my skin goes red just thinking about the sun…

If your curious to try a new morning moisturiser/SPF then I’d say you can’t go past Aspect Dr Hydra Shield.”




We hope you have appreciated hearing our “real life” feedback on these products. If there is a product you have enjoyed, please leave your feedback. Your favourite cleanser, serum or moisturiser? Write a review on the website and you’ll even receive an extra 300 points. Simply locate the product (in this case Aspect and Aspect Dr products), click the Reviews tab and leave your rating and review. We believe in finding products that are scientifically proven to improve your skin’s health without using nasty ingredients that we are better off avoiding.






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